Kilner Clip Top Jar 1 Litre - Clear

    Kilner Clip Top Jar 1 Litre - Clear
    Brand: Kilner

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    This 1 litre Kilner jar is ideal for pickling, fermenting, and storing all kinds of kitchen foods like pasta, grains, flour and more. A traditional and stylish addition to any kitchen.



    The ever-popular Kilner Round Clip Top jars are both stylish and collectible. They have the Kilner brand embossed on the front of the jar and are finished with an orange rubber seal. These jars are perfect for preserving or pickling fruits and vegetables as well as storing dry food stuffs such as rice, flour, tea, coffee and more.


    Length: 13cm, Width: 11cm, Height: 18cm

    Dishwasher safe


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