Seville Oranges 4kg

Seville Oranges 4kg

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Our Seville Orange supply is now finished for this season. The next season is likely to start in December 2019. Please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to be notified of new stock next season.



4kg box 


Seville Oranges, also known as Bitter Oranges or Sour Oranges, originate from the Seville region of Spain. They’re typically too bitter to eat as a stand alone fruit but mix them with sugars and lemons and they make the perfect orange marmalade.


They’re also used in a variety of strong orange flavoured liqueurs including Cointreau and Triple Sec.


They have a tough, dimply skin that contains lots of essential oils which are completely edible and also used in cosmetics and fragrances.

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