Lacto-Fermented Spiced Garlic Kit

Lacto-Fermented Spiced Garlic Kit

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A unique fermenting kit that contains everything you need to ferment your own garlic at home, including a Caldwell's Starter Culture. Suitable for Vegans.


Our brand new Lacto-Fermented Spiced Garlic Kit is the first of its kind in the UK!


It contains everything you need to ferment your own garlic at home; packing each clove with probiotic goodness to give you a healthy gut. 


Once fermented, you can eat your garlic raw, crush it up to use in dressings or marinades, make fresh dips, stuff olives, and plenty more! You can even use the garlicky fermenting brine in your cooking once your jars are empty so nothing goes to waste.It's also an old wives tale that a shot of fermented garlic brine can cure the common cold, so give that a try if you're brave enough!


Even though cooking your garlic will kill the probiotics, fermenting is also a preservative so our kit is also a fantastic way to make jars of your very own lazy garlic to keep in the fridge for months at a time. 


We use Caldwell's Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables which is the only starter culture suitable for Vegans and is backed by nearly 30 years of microbiological research. You can find out more about Caldwell here.


Top tip: the longer you leave your garlic to ferment, the milder it will become. So, if you don't like your garlic too spicy, we recomment leaving it to ferment for at least 6-8 weeks before you eat it raw. 


Each kit contains: 

  • 6 heads or around 300g of seasonal garlic (types of garlic will change throughout the year)
  • Unrefined Sea Salt
  • Caldwell's Vegan Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables 
  • Spice Mix
  • 2 x Square Jars 
  • Instruction Card
  • 2 x Use By date labels
  • pH Testing Strip with Instructions


The starter culture must be refrigerated on delivery. 


Please note the branding on this product is changing and products may look slightly different to the photos. 

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