About Us

PickleFresh.co.uk is a unique online supermarket where you can stock up on all things pickling, fermenting, culturing, and growing. In 2014 the idea behind PickleFresh.co.uk was born on our Bedfordshire farm and since then we’ve been on a mission to help people connect with healthy, homemade foods by providing the freshest ingredients and best accessories. Everything we supply we use to make our own fresh pickles and ferments so you’ll never buy anything that isn’t loved by everyone here.


    We’ve been specialising in growing pickling onions for over 90 years, so naturally, pickling is one of our favourite pastimes! On PickleFresh.co.uk you’ll find everything you need to get pickling at home including a variety of vinegars to suit every taste, pickling spices, jars/accessories and, of course, fresh pickling onions and shallots. 


    We’re also passionate about fermented foods and all the health benefits that come along with a tasty jar of sauerkraut or kimchi. That’s why we also supply the very best fermenting cultures and accessories, in the hopes that you will grow to love fermenting as much as we do.


    We grow and farm a variety of fresh vegetables on our own farm and also on the neighbouring farms around us. You’ll find seasonal vegetables available to buy in bulk on our website as well as a variety of pickling kits featuring our favourite pickling veg like onions and beetroot!

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